Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dear blog. What did I do today? My knee-jerk answer is "nothing". But just because it almost all happened on the computer, doesn't mean it wasn't something. DOCUMENT< DUMMY!

I dropped my fellow 'resident', sound artist Felicity Mangan off at the bus stop, and then took a swim in Mooste Lake, alone in the drizzle. Delicious and refreshing, only hearing the raindrops on the surface of the water. The last four or five times I've visited the lake it's been swarming with squealing, extremely blond children doing cannonballs off the crooked pier.

That was pretty much the last experience I had in the material world for while. I spent the afternoon doing lot of digital housecleaning which I can here share the results of, as this blog will soon take the place of my facebook page. I hope.

I finished my JETLAG ARCHIPELAGO radio broadcast for tomorrow night on (Tune in tomorrow (Sunday, July 15th, 2012) at 11PM Berlin time (CET) to or 88.4 on your FM dial in Berlin.) It's a mix of field recordings from my trip to Azerbaijan in June, done in collaboration with my SOFAR Channel partner and main squeeze Max. I also managed to get together my photos from this trip (one above).... and posted them on my flickr page.

So this is all the first stage I guess:: editing and gathering.

At the the Risotto-laden dinner table with MoKS members I found myself still a bit tongue-tied when asked about whatever it is I do; again my first thought was, "nothing". But isn't that the art friends? Reporting something out of nothing?

Speaking of which, I was able to visit MoKS resident girl friday Siiri's annex here in the house. She has a fascinating collection of colorfully aged plant material, as well as a gigantic wardrobe, inherited from her boyfriend's family. I found it terrifying and am still thinking about it. It is a portal, I think, to larger things --

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