Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Last night I was rummaging through the MoKS library and found this book/zine. It's called Dream Whip #12. In simple hand-written block lettering it tells vignettes about all the scummy bus stations, flop-houses and cul-de-sacs of middle and western America. Totally engrossing.

Why I gotta make it so complicated, I thought; all this yammering on about deconstructing the narrative. This is what I love about travel and place... or at least the memory of travel and place ... how things flatten out a bit into these sorts of tableaux. Bits and pieces of what people say, the smell of the grass, newspaper clippings.

There was no name on the zine, so I googled around and turns out it's created by this famous respected zinester Bill Brown... who's also hooked up with Microcosmos publishing and Cult Dead Cow, two things I'm glad to have discovered ....

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